Tabitha Jean Naylor : 3 Free Tools To Save Time On Social Media

Having a presence on social media is an absolute must. There is no question about it. It doesn’t matter if you are in wholesale, retail, B2C or B2B, if you are not interacting with your audience through one or more channels of social media, you are being left behind.

The problem with staying active on social media is that it can become its own full time job, even if you’re only active on one of the many popular platforms. Interacting with customers and leads is one part of it, but then you’ve also got things like creating new content to keep your current audience engaged, and working to keep your audience growing.

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You are, however, in luck! I’m going to show you a few useful ways that you can cut down a good deal of the work involved with maintaining a social media presence. Best of all, none of it will cost you a dime.

Use A Scheduler Like Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool. It will allow you to schedule posts to social media sites in a queue and then automatically post them at times that you choose. It works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. You can actually schedule posts for several days, across multiple platforms, all at once, freeing you to do other things.

You can sign up easily with your social account, and connect one account from each platform, up to four total accounts. Each account gets it’s own separate queue of 10 posts. When choosing content to share, you can post to all of your accounts, or pick and choose where each post will go. They’ve even got a browser extension to allow you to quickly share any interesting content you find while browsing.

A very nice bonus to Buffer’s system is that you can choose how many time per day you want to post to each of your accounts and the system will analyze traffic and tell you what are the best times to reach the largest portion of your audience.

Curate Content From Others

Curating content simply means gathering and using content from outside sources. Now this doesn’t mean stealing or copying content from other sites, it’s more about sharing other people’s work and incorporating it into your own marketing efforts by adding some value. You can see an example of using curated content on my site, In this article we highlight some great information coming from Gary Vaynerchuck that would be useful to our audience.

Curating content helps to add a bit more variety to what your audience sees, but also shows them that you are keeping up to date with what is going on outside of your company. It helps establish you as an authority and active player within your industry. In short, it helps build trust, which is essential.

Sniply And Start-A-Fire

Sniply and Start-A-Fire are two variants on a traditional URL shortener. These kinds of tools are essential on Twitter, where space is very limited, but also useful on Facebook and other social platforms. These two, in particular, are extremely useful for sharing curated content.

What makes these two URL shorteners special is that in addition to cutting down the number of characters in the URL, they will allow you to add a bit of your own content to outside sites when you share their links.

Sniply lets you create a call to action that will be displayed on the lower left corner of any website. Whenever someone clicks one of your Sniply links they will see the web page you’ve shared with your custom call to action along the bottom of their browser. You can use it to pull a bit more traffic back to your own site, or any site you choose.

Start-A-Fire works in a similar way, but instead of using a call to action, you can store multiple links to your own content, like blog posts for example. When someone goes to your Start-A-Fire link they will get a small popup in the bottom right corner of their browser with one or two links to your content.

Both provide analytics to let you test different ideas and see how things are going overall. They’re definitely worth experimenting with if you share a lot of outside content.

Put Them All Together

Using these three things together can save you mountains of time with keeping your social profiles active. It is literally possible to set up a week or more worth of social media posts in just an hour or two. By automating the content sharing portion of the work, you’ll be free to concentrate more on real interaction with your audience, or do something else completely.

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