Spread The Love: 2 Quick Tips You Can Embrace TODAY That Demonstrate Just How Much You Value Your Customers- Tabitha Naylor

2 Quick Tips You Can Embrace TODAY That Demonstrate Just How Much You Value Your Customers

A great way to make your customers feel good about your company is to offer freebies. Existing customers sometimes feel neglected, because they know that a lot of companies spend more time attracting new customers rather than servicing and maintaining the ones they already have. Avoid falling into that trap by reaching out to your existing clients and offering them discounts, two-for-one packages and even free 30-day trials on new products and services. By constantly engaging your customers, you make them feel wanted and appreciated, and they won’t be tempted to bolt to another company.




Another way to connect with your customer is to  your company and make it feel as if it’s part of the customer’s family. Most eCommerce sites have an “About Us” page that explains company culture and vision, but I think it’s worth the effort to go a step further and create short videos that show how the company works, so that customers feel as if they are part of the business. Peeling back the curtain of what a company does on a daily basis can help create a greater sense of comfort and familiarity that can enhance the customer experience.



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