Tabitha Jean Naylor : Best Social Media Tools for 2017

One of my favorite social media engagement tools is Hootsuite, which is a fantastic platform that drives a lot of my social media campaigns. It helps me to generate leads through social media, create social profiles, share valuable content with my followers, and it also analyzes the level of my social media engagement.





Another go-to social media tools I use a lot is SocialOomph, which has some overlap with Hootsuite, but there’s a few key differences. For example, unlike Hootsuite, SocialOomph lets you use a Word document for bulk uploads, which is convenient as most of my content is in Word. Another cool feature with SocialOomph is it lets me know when someone retweets one of my posts, so I can continue to develop  my relationships with clients and influencers. I find that using both Hootsuite and SocialOomph allows me to cover most of my social media marketing bases.


And the reason I say “most” is that I also incorporate Crowdbooster into my tool-box, because it focuses heavily on analytics. Crowdbooster is all about real-time reports and performance metrics that are displayed however you like: graphs, charts, tables, you name it and the platform can make it for you. It really helps me identify the weaknesses in my social media marketing strategy, as well as the areas where I’m doing really well. It also gives me insight into who is engaging most with my social media posts, which helps me refine my content to reach a bigger audience.


And last but not least, BuzzSumo is one of the key tools I use to develop my relationship with influencers in my industry, and to discover what topics, keywords and phrases are trending in my industry that I need to be aware of so that my content remains relevant and timely. It also shows me what content has already been written on a particular subject so that I can better distinguish my content to fill an underserved niche.

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